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What Treatment Can Get Rid of My Hemorrhoids for Good?

What Treatment Can Get Rid of My Hemorrhoids for Good?

Hemorrhoids are swollen veins in or around your anus. They can cause itching, soreness, and pain with bowel movements, and they can happen to anyone.

But although hemorrhoids are common, many people are embarrassed to admit that they have them. There’s no reason to be ashamed, and seeking treatment is the best way to alleviate your discomfort. 

Elvira Klause, MD, FACS, and our team specialize in hemorrhoid care in San Clemente, California. We understand how important it is to find hemorrhoid treatment that eliminates your hemorrhoids for good, and we can help. 

Hemorrhoid treatment options

Some hemorrhoids disappear on their own with at-home care, like sitz baths and topical hemorrhoid creams. But larger or recurring hemorrhoids can leave you with bothersome symptoms that don’t go away.

Dr. Klause offers a range of professional hemorrhoid treatments to eliminate your symptoms. She does a physical exam and diagnoses your condition, then may recommend one of the following hemorrhoid procedures.

Rubber band ligation

Rubber band ligation is an incisionless procedure that cuts off blood flow to the hemorrhoid to shrink it. In this treatment, Dr. Klause ties a rubber band around the blood vessel. The band stops blood flow, and the hemorrhoid eventually shrinks and disappears.


Like rubber band ligation, sclerotherapy requires no incisions. Dr. Klause injects a chemical solution around the hemorrhoid, which stops blood flow from nearby blood vessels. This treatment also shrinks the hemorrhoid, and it eventually disappears.

Minimally invasive surgery

For more severe hemorrhoids and internal hemorrhoids, Dr. Klause may recommend minimally invasive surgery to remove the hemorrhoid. 

Transanal hemorrhoidal dearterialization (THD) is a modern approach to hemorrhoid surgery, and it offers less pain and faster recovery than traditional hemorrhoid removal.

Lowering your risk of future hemorrhoids

Rubber band ligation, sclerotherapy, and minimally invasive surgery are all effective options for hemorrhoid treatment. 

They reduce blood flow to eliminate painful hemorrhoids, but unfortunately, treating existing hemorrhoids doesn’t prevent new hemorrhoids from developing in the future.

There’s no way to ensure you’ll never suffer hemorrhoids again, but you can lower your risk of getting another one with some simple lifestyle changes.

Start by maintaining a healthy weight, drinking plenty of water, and eating a nutritious diet that’s high in fiber. Don’t spend too much time standing or sitting, and get regular exercise. Avoid straining with activities like lifting heavy objects and using the toilet. 

If you notice hemorrhoid symptoms, seek treatment to prevent the condition from worsening.

Hemorrhoid treatment and lifestyle changes can be an effective combination to keep those painful swollen blood vessels from returning. To learn more about your hemorrhoid treatment options, book a consultation with Dr. Klause online or call 949-393-2595.

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