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Oncology Procedures Specialist

Elvira Klause, MD, FACS -  - General Surgeon

Elvira Klause, MD, FACS

General Surgeon located in South Orange County, Laguna Hills, CA

Oncology Procedures Specialist Having cancer is scary, which is why you need a doctor who is knowledgeable and caring to help you get through diagnosis and treatment. Our main purpose it to help you regain a sense of control in your life. We stress the importance of the need to surround themselves with caring, knowledgeable individuals experienced in the care of the cancer patient. Based in San Clemente, CA, Dr. Klause has the expertise to perform a number of oncology procedures and she will introduce you to experts and resources to form your CARE TEAM and join you in your cancer journey.

Oncology Procedures Q & A

What Are Some Ways to Test for Cancer?

A number of diagnostic oncology procedures are available to help determine if you have cancer. Which test you have depends on your age, condition, the severity of symptoms and what type of cancer is suspected. Some of the most common diagnostic procedures include endoscopy, fecal occult blood test, echocardiogram, barium enema, biopsy, bone scan, MRI, colonoscopy, CT scan, mammogram, Pap test, tumor marker tests, and ultrasounds.

What Are Some Treatments for Cancer?

Once cancer has been diagnosed, several oncology treatments are available to help stop the spread and removal of the cancer. Once again, the treatment you require depends on your condition and the type of cancer you have.

Some of the more common oncology treatment procedures include blood and marrow transplants for people with leukemia or lymphoma, chemotherapy to kill cancer cells, immunotherapy to get your body to attack cancer cells, radiation therapy to use X-rays to kill cells, and alternative therapies such as acupuncture or massage to pair with traditional treatments.

How Does Surgical Oncology Work?

In many cases, the best approach to treating cancer is through surgical oncology. Surgical oncology can be used to manage symptoms, diagnose problems and even treat the source. Not all patients will qualify for surgical oncology procedures because their tumors may be too big or in too sensitive of a location, or they might be too weak for surgery. Generally, surgical oncology involves removing tumors or moving around organs to make a person more comfortable.

What Are the Benefits of Oncology Procedures?

In many cases, oncology procedures can help diagnose cancer before it spreads, making it easier to remove and treat. In this way, oncology treatments can improve overall survival rates and help people live for years after being diagnosed. Even if cancer is not treatable, certain oncology procedures can reduce pain and make a person more comfortable to improve their quality of life.


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